Seevix Material Sciences produces high strength fibers using recombinant DNA technology for commercial applications in multiple industries. The company’s patented technology is replicating  the natural process of spider silk creation, thereby producing the first man-made spidersilk fiber, which is identical to the fiber in nature. Due to their mechanical properties, spider silks can be used as functional materials that can replace Kevlar, steel and other high-tensile materials.

Seevix has succeeded in overcoming the technology barrier.  The Company’s patented technology uses  genetic engineering techniques to spontaneously generate spidersilk fiber in a biological system with high consistency. The characteristics of these fibers are equal or superior to the characteristics of those produced by spiders in nature.

Seevix Material Sciences has successfully developed a proprietary one-step process, decreasing production time and costs, and enabling  large-scale manufacturing of man-made spidersilk.

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